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Top 3 Websites To Learn Reading Holy Quran Online

Now, Internet has made Learning Holy Quran Reading very easy. Now Muslims living all over the world can learn Holy Quran Reading, Holy Quran RecitationHoly Quran Translation and Holy Quran Memorization or Hifz/ hifdh at  very low cost.

There are scores of websites which provide Holy Quran classes online. The following are the top three websites to learn reading Holy Quran Online.


Quran Focus: its a very old and popular website which has English speaking Quran tutors. They teach in English, Arabic and Urdu to students in USA, Canada, UK and EU countries. The monthly fee is affordable. This website is mobile friendly.

Quran Reading Help: its a perfect site to learn the holy Quran. They have very qualified and experienced female Quran teachers who teach in English and Urdu. This monthly charges are very less. This website is mobile friendly.

Quran HomeSchool: its a very good place to learn the holy Quran for Muslim boys, girls and grown ups. They have very experienced male & female Quran teachers who teach Holy Book in English and Urdu. The monthly cost is very low. The website is mobile friendly.



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